Bringing Solace
to Those in Need

Solace Home Healthcare provides
exceptional speech therapy, physical
therapy, occupational therapy and
nursing services to children at home.


Therapy and Nursing Services in Your Home


Solace Home Healthcare works
in partnership with our referrers,
ensuring our clients are given
outstanding quality care.

Join Our Amazing Team!

At Solace Home Healthcare we hire the best
clinicians and office staff in Colorado, ensuring
a highly skilled, collaborative team, driven towards
accomplishing our mission. We are committed
to providing compassionate care to our patients
and a culture that values and respects our staff.


Our mission is to bring solace to those
in need through compassionate,
progressive therapy and nursing services
in the home.

Giving Back is an Important
Part of Our Work

Solace Home Healthcare is a company that cares, giving back a portion of our profits to the community every year through multiple causes and nonprofits. It is just one of the many things we are proud to do for our community, our families and our children.

  • Community Support

  • Food and Necessities For Families

  • Holiday Gifts
    For Children


We want to know how we are doing. If you are a parent, caregiver or referral partner, please take a moment to fill out our satisfaction survey. It will only take a few minutes. We appreciate your honest feedback.

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Solace Home Healthcare

4500 Cherry Creek S. Dr.
Suite 710
Denver, CO 80246

303.536.1854 fax

Lease or Expense?
Health Care Fleet Offers Choice to Drivers

By Amy Winter-Hercher of Business Fleet
Solace Leased Car

With its team of clinicians always on the road, Solace Home Healthcare wanted to provide its employees with an additional benefit: a new and reliable vehicle.

“We’re committed to offering our employees the best benefits package we can,” says Mike Billinghurst, CEO of Solace Home Healthcare. “Being able to drive a new car — for both professional and personal use — without paying for insurance, gas, or maintenance is a significant benefit we’re thrilled to provide to our talented and committed team of clinicians.”

By working with Enterprise Fleet Management, Solace employees can receive a new Nissan Rogue [or Pathfinder] for a monthly payment that includes the amount for the lease, a fuel card, a maintenance card, auto insurance, and roadside assistance. If employees don’t opt for this program, they would drive their own vehicles and expense their mileage, according to Wendy Krueger, Solace’s director of business development.

“The number of vehicles we order depends on how many of our clinicians join the program,” says Krueger. “We present this leasing program as an option where they can drive a new car for home visits, leading to less wear and tear on their personal vehicles.”

Based in the greater Denver area, Solace specializes in pediatric home health care. Each clinician generally completes four to six home visits per day, according to Krueger. Solace’s clinician team includes nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists.

Why Lease?

Solace ordered its first vehicles through Enterprise Fleet Management last fall. In the spring, Solace received its second batch of 13 new Rogues. Through the open-end lease, the deal is to keep the vehicles for four years and then trade them in for newer vehicles.

Enterprise Fleet Management helped Solace choose a vehicle.

“Our CEO Mike and our administrator chose the Nissan Rogue,” says Krueger of the compact crossover. “It’s all-wheel drive, which is necessary for driving in Colorado. When we have snowy or icy days, we want to make sure that we have all-wheel drive so that our clinicians are safe on the road.”

After helping Solace find the right fit in a vehicle, Enterprise ordered the vehicles and took care of licensing, registration, and auto insurance. Enterprise handles Solace’s fleet management duties by conducting use and performance monitoring as well as tracking fuel purchases and miles driven, according to the company.

“When we help companies with fleet management, they don’t have to hire someone to deal with managing the fleet,” says Larry Caster, senior account executive for Enterprise Fleet Management. “We take everything off their plate; we handle all fleet-related items for them. It’s a nice consolidated one-stop shop.”

Additionally, Solace employees are given a maintenance card and a gas card as part of the monthly payment. The maintenance card can be used at the dealer or several mechanic shops, including Grease Monkey, Firestone, Goodyear, and Jiffy Lube, says Caster.

“All the employees seem happy with the program so far and are enjoying the benefits,” says Krueger. “Mike meets with Enterprise on a regular basis to assess how it’s going and when we need to make more orders.”

Currently, Solace has ordered 22 Rogues through Enterprise. According to Caster, the company is hoping to double that number in the next 12 months as it continues to grow and add more clinicians. [Update – current total is 54 vehicles]

“In addition to being an attractive employee benefit that supports recruitment and retention efforts, fleet cars will also have a positive impact on Solace’s business operations,” says Caster. “The use of these newer, well-maintained, and fuel-efficient vehicles will contribute to more reliable service and cost savings over the long run.”

Referral Partners

We are devoted to working with our referrers as true partners, so you get the attention, answers and action you need right away.

  • We provide over 2,000 services per week and continue to grow every year.
  • We utilize electronic medical records to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.
  • All of our clinicians are employees, not contractors.
  • Our nurses provide services on a per visit basis.
  • We provide the highest level of quality as certified by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).
  • We provide full evaluations on every child.
  • Our nurses and therapists work together as a transdisciplinary team.
  • Our clinicians take advantage of ongoing education opportunities each year.
  • We have full insurance coverage including professional liability, general liability and HIPAA liability.
  • We have been a home healthcare company since 2005.

Insurance Accepted

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Colorado Access Medicaid
  • Denver Health Medicaid
  • Private insurance
Contact Us Today to Find Out More
303.536.1854 fax

Begin a Referral

Anyone can make a referral, including you or your child’s physician. To start the process, simply fill out this form and click submit! You can also call us directly at 303-432-8487 and we will coordinate with your child’s physician. Medicaid and private insurance accepted.

The Best Clinicians and Outstanding Benefits

Solace Home Healthcare recognizes that the success of our organization is based on the quality of services we provide to our patients. Our mission is to work with only the very best speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, registered nurses and office staff in the country, ensuring a highly skilled, collaborative team. To continually attract and retain the best, we offer outstanding benefits and competitive compensation, and more importantly, work-life balance. We treat our staff with the utmost professionalism and respect, in an environment that’s focused on building a positive culture.

Every Solace Home Healthcare employee enjoys full benefits, including paid time off, extensive medical coverage, optional car program, 4% matching 401k and 529 plans. Here at Solace, there are continuous opportunities for growth through company advancement, continuing education opportunities, or mentoring – including Clinical Fellow and COTA programs. Our employees are part of an organization dedicated to giving back to our community and helping those children and families in need through multiple philanthropic outreach efforts.

If you are a licensed Colorado therapist, Solace is searching for pediatric Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists to join our team! Please contact us at 303-432-8487 ext 263 or email your resume to

Our Core Values:

Positivity  •  Communication  •  Compassionate  •  Efficiency  •  Excellence
Improvement  •  Integrity  •  Progressiveness  •  Responsiveness


Solace Leased Car

Conference Room photo

About Us

Solace Home Healthcare provides nursing services, speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy to children at home.

We have developed best-in-class operational systems and utilize green technologies, including tablets and electronic medical records, to ensure efficiency, accuracy and timeliness, allowing our clinicians to focus on their clients, not paperwork.

We care about the children in our care, taking the time to get to know them well and helping them lead more productive lives. We strive to deliver outstanding results, ensuring our clients get better, faster.

Most importantly, we are a company that cares, giving back a portion of our profits to the community every year through multiple causes and nonprofits.

Our mission is to bring solace to those in need through compassionate, progressive therapy and nursing services in the home.


  • We promise to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients, ensuring they get better, faster.
  • We promise to hire the best clinicians and staff in Colorado by offering the highest salaries and best benefits and creating a team environment of mutual respect.
  • We promise to focus on the child, not the paperwork, by using optimal systems and processes.
  • We promise to use green technologies like tablets and electronic medical records for better efficiency.
  • We promise to have a positive attitude and always strive for company improvement.
Our Core Values:

Positivity  •  Communication  •  Compassionate  •  Efficiency  •  Excellence
Improvement  •  Integrity  •  Progressiveness  •  Responsiveness

Mike Billinghurst, OTR/L, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Betsy Billinghurst, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer
Executive Vice President

Darcie Peacock, BSW, MS, OTR/L
Chief Clinical Officer



The Solace Home Healthcare Story

I started Solace Home Healthcare in 2005 after working for ten years as an Occupational Therapist for people of all ages. When the company was formed, we provided pediatric speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. One thing became clear to me as the company developed: the quality and process of delivering these services had to be improved. That mission still drives me today.

My goal at Solace Home Healthcare is to make a real difference in the quality of life of our clients by offering families a better way to get the services they need. Also, my goal is to provide the most positive, desirable work environment for our clinical and administrative team. Today we offer nursing, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy to children in their homes in metro Denver and through TeleHealth across Colorado.

When you work with Solace Home Healthcare, you will experience a streamlined system that allows our clinicians to devote their full energy and attention to our clients, instead of spending unnecessary time doing administrative tasks. This transformation has made everyone’s job, including mine, more rewarding. I love it here because we get to see real progress and change lives.

Best Regards,
Mike Billinghurst, OTR/L, MBA



Referral Partners

Fast, Trained, Helpful, Knowledgeable “Solace is good at everything! They are really easy to work with and get back to me right away. Their providers are trained really well and they have such diversity of specialties. It’s a one stop. They are helpful and knowledgeable and inform us of everything. They are just really good.”
– Tracey, Developmental Pathways

Serving Populations Others Won’t “We rely on Solace Healthcare to serve our Medicaid cases, as well as low income areas, where some other providers don’t want to go. They also have clinicians that are willing to go out east or northwest. They can meet those needs better than other providers can. It’s nice to know we can rely on them to serve these populations.”
– Kelley, North Metro Community Services

TeleHealth Helps Us Serve More Clients“I’m so glad they brought on TeleHealth. It’s wonderful for our families that are out east where it’s hard to get a provider to come in person. We have several clients using TeleHealth now.”
– Tracey, Developmental Pathways

Great Clinicians “The clinicians are really great with families. They always have the best intentions. We haven’t ever had any concerns or problems with their providers.”
– Kelley, North Metro Community Services


The Little Things “Darius can have a conversation with you now and you can understand what he is saying. His reading is better and his writing is much better. He can tie his shoe and he couldn’t do that before, and he can cut paper with scissors. Just those little things are a big deal.”
– Crystal, mother of client

Trey is Talking“Trey didn’t have a word at 2.5 years old and our speech therapist knew there had to be a reason. She found the cleft palate and pushed me to push Children’s Hospital. He had two surgeries and she supported us the whole time. Trey is talking because of her. She has just been awesome.”
– Kim, grandmother of client

Caring About Clients“Andrea is awesome. She really cares about Darius. She isn’t just coming to do her job. She is concerned about him. She is one of the best therapists I’ve worked with. I’m so glad Solace chose her to work with my son.”
– Crystal, mother of client

Above and Beyond Therapists “The therapists go above and beyond. They get excited for us. And they are personable, building a relationship with us. They make scheduling really easy and convenient. They are all so professional.”
– Kim, grandmother of client


Refreshing Work Environment “Solace listens to their employees and takes action to make things better for the employees and the company. They are proactive and forward thinking. It is very refreshing to be here.”
– Christine, team member

FEELING APPRECIATED “I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for all of us. I have never had a job where I actually feel appreciated and love coming in everyday!  It is a joy working here and everything you do for us is appreciated. Thank you again.”
– Sophia, team member

BLESSED TO WORK HERE “The little stuff that our wonderful bosses do for us gives fuel everyday! Matter of fact, I was saying to another therapist that I’m blessed to work for such great bosses.”
– Maiku, team member


Every year Solace Home Healthcare supports multiple charities and nonprofits in the Denver metro area, our community.

During the holidays, we celebrate the spirit of giving by providing toys, clothing and other requested items to children in our community who would not otherwise receive holiday gifts. We also provide their parents necessary support in the form of food, furniture and clothing, as well as financial resources to help support themselves and their families during the holiday season.

Here is a list of organizations we have supported.

  • Anchor Center for the Blind
  • Autism Speaks
  • Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Children’s Outreach Project
  • Community First Foundation
  • Craig Hospital
  • Denver Public Library Friends Foundation
  • Epilepsy Foundation
  • Giving First
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Isabella Bird Community School
  • Lupus Foundation
  • Rocky Mountain Human Services
  • SG Komen for the Cure
  • St. Baldrick’s Foundation
  • Sun Foundation
  • Williams Syndrome Foundation


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